Gwen’s Testimony

“You have Stage 3 cancer.” I recoiled at the doctor’s words and thought, “This can’t be happening to us.” But it was happening to us.   Since Thanksgiving, a couple of months earlier, Gwendolyn my wife had been feeling tired and anemic.  She kept telling herself, “It’s just the holiday stress.  It will pass.” But when it didn’t pass she decided to go to the doctor.  It was a Friday so we presumed we wouldn’t hear about the test results until the following week.

Early the next morning I awoke with a sense of urgency to pray for Gwendolyn.  When I laid my hands on her I noticed that she was freezing cold.  I prayed in the spirit and affirmed God’s promises of life, healing, and wholeness over her.  Little did I know that at that very moment she was having what can best be described as an out of body experience.  Here is her personal account of what happened.

In Gwendolyn’s Own Words

“About 5:00 a.m. Saturday morning I suddenly became aware that I was suspended in the air over our bed.  As I looked down, I could see Steve lying there fast asleep as I slowly drifted upwards.  I didn’t feel any pain, fear, or anxiety.  I was just peacefully floating away.  Then I realized that something was wrong.  I saw myself lying on a sheet of aqua blue crystalline ice, I felt freezing cold, and I knew that the body I was looking at was frozen stiff.  I said, ‘Hey Steve, wake up and pray for me.  Something’s wrong.’    I saw Steve put his hands on me and say, ‘Honey, you’re freezing cold.’  Then he prayed for me, spoke God’s word, and I was instantly back in my body and aware of his warm hands on me.  He doesn’t recall hearing me speak to him, and I don’t think my words were audible to natural ears.  At first I wasn’t sure if this experience was a vision, a dream, or actually an out of body death experience.  However, after prayer and consideration of the events that followed, I’m convinced now that I was leaving my body and I was somewhere between this life and the next.  In Psalm 91:16 God promises that he will satisfy us with long life.  I wasn’t satisfied yet.”

The phone rang at about 6:45 a.m. Saturday morning and the urgency in the doctor’s voice was transparent.  “You must get your wife to the emergency room as soon as possible.  The tests show that her blood count is so low – she is in danger of heart failure.” Our family doctor met us at the ER and they immediately began blood transfusions to save Gwen’s life.

Within 48 hours the doctors identified the source of the problem.  I can still remember how it felt when I heard the doctor say to my wife, “You have a tumor, it’s cancerous, and we need to operate.” Before my thoughts could spin out of control, the peace of God rose up inside me and I knew that things were going to be okay.  The operation was successful; it was possible to remove the tumor and reattach the colon, but the results of the 36 biopsies they took were extremely disconcerting.  The cancer had spread to the surrounding mesentery tissue and lymph nodes throughout her abdomen.  The medical diagnosis: Stage 3 cancer.


Gwendolyne today, full of energy and life. Praise God!

The chemotherapy they recommended for this type of cancer only offered a median gain of two months of life, but without it they offered no hope at all.  Gwendolyn would die.  We knew that chemotherapy was highly toxic and devastating to the immune system.  The hope seems to be that the treatment kills the cancer before it kills the patient.  We believe that medical science and God are on the same side in the battle against sickness, and we believe that we should fight sickness with all of the weapons available to us, including medical science.  However, after prayerfully considering the options, Gwendolyn decided not to take the Chemo, trust God for her healing, and pursue an immune system building alternative treatment program that consisted of diet, vitamins, and other natural immune system building therapies.  By this time she had withered to a mere 87 lbs and was extremely weak, but the peace of God regarding her decision filled our hearts.  Throughout the entire experience it was as though God supernaturally enveloped us in a bubble of his perfect peace.  God’s perfect love drives out all fear.  Over the next year Gwendolyn’s recovery was gradual but steadily and consistently in the direction of health and wholeness, without the debilitating effects of drugs or Chemotherapy.

That Stage 3 cancer diagnosis was almost 10 years ago.  I am happy to report that Gwendolyn recently had a thorough battery of tests and not only is she cancer free but in excellent health and full of energy and life.  We give God all the glory for her healing.  The alternative treatment therapy certainly contributed to her health and recovery, but her healing from cancer was nothing less than miraculous.  Recently one of the doctors associated with her treatment told me, “I really thought that Gwen was going to die.  Her healing is without a doubt a miracle.” We praise God for his goodness.

Gwendolyn and I want to share with you the important truths and insights we believe were crucial to her recovery and healing from cancer.  We know these truths will help you like they helped us when the storms of life beat against our house.

A couple of years before the cancer diagnosis God began a marvelous work in our lives, giving us a better understanding of his unconditional love, abundant grace, and what faith righteousness is.  The Holy Spirit opened the eyes of our understanding in these areas and we believe this revelation is what enabled us to stand and overcome in the day of adversity.  We will be publishing teachings on these themes in our email newsletters over the next few months, so watch for them.

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