June 15, 2011

I’m so excited to be returning to Perú, South America June 23, 2011 to minister to the pastors, leaders, and staff of the South Andean Christian

Steve preaching to church at Kawayñan, Peru, South America

Steve preaching to church at Kawayñan, Peru, South America

Mission, Eagle House Ophanage, and the Christian school, Colegio Rio Blanco. I was there last year and they’ve requested that I return. A member of our English speaking church in Costa Rica, Ralph Fair, founded these ministries which include five churches near Cusco, Perú. Be sure and check out the pictures below.

People everywhere need to hear the message that God isn’t mad at them; He made peace between God and man. Jesus didn’t come to condemn the world and impose the consequences of their sin. He came to save deliver, and rescue man from those consequences, not impose them. (St. John 3:16-17). That’s the Good News Message I preach. Unfortunately that’s not the message most people have heard. They’ve heard only of a mad God who is angry at them for their failure and falling short, and there’s nothing they can do to make him happy. That’s not good news and it’s the reason people stay away in crowds.

The budget for this trip is $5000.00. Please prayerfully consider financial partnership in this opportunity to reach Spanish speaking people in remote areas of Perú, South America.

South Andean Christian Mission

South Andean Christian MissionMisión Cristiana Sur Andina (South Andean Christian Mission) is an amazing network of five churchs that minister and work with surrounding communities. This church at Kawsay Nan is the center of activity.  It ministers to the school children and families of Colegio Rio Blanco while also caring for the spiritual needs of the children at the orphanage, Hogar de Casa del Aguila (Eagle House Home). I will be preaching and teaching in these churches and ministering to the leadership during this mission trip.

Hogar Casa del Aguila

Lima, Peru has one of the worst orphaned / abandoned children problems in the world. The Eagle House Home (Hogar Casa del Aguila)for orphaned and abandoned children is helping meet this need. Children are cared for and trained in Christ centered home groups within the orphanage. 56 children currently live at Hogar Casa del Aquila in family groups of eight. I will be ministering to the leaders of the orphanage. I am looking forward to the opportunity to tell them just how good God is.

Steve, Ralph, and pastor Jaime pray over Inca woman and child

Steve, Ralph, and pastor Jaime pray over Inca woman and child

Colegio Rio Blanco

Ralph’s largest project to date is a Christian school where children are given a chance to learn and grow as Christians, becoming productive people with a vision. Colegio Rio Blanco includes primary and secondary grades. 250 students from five surrounding villages attend Colegio Rio Blanco The school is located near the small town of Limatambo. I will be ministering there daily or as much as time permits.




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